Welcome with all and all, You have just entered a universe which is completely unknown for you, reassure this blog is more serious and what I am sure nothing will waste: it is INTERESSANT!!!! but before all to say to you, I should not fail in my mission première:me of presenting.
I am called Jihane, I am 25 years old and I am originating in Argentan.
My atypical course is not less rich. After obtaining a literary vat, I carried out two years at the university of Caen; one in L..L.C.E English speciality and the other in L.E.A speciality trades. The first was not my way, the second interested me but the destiny in decided differently. Currently, I prepare a professional licence in management of the relation customers and electronic trade with the IUT of Alençon in partnership with the Exchanger Low Normandy; I resume the studies two years after having obtained a BTS Commercial Action prepared in alternation with the Mutual Credit.
I aspire to work in my sector of predilection: the banking environment. Indeed, I lay out of more than three years of experiment in this sector and I had the privilege to work for other banking houses such as the Regional Bank of the West, the Savings bank and the Post office on various trades, of the accueil/guichet to advising financial while passing by advising commercial. Within the framework of my current formation, I must carry out a training course centered primarily on the relation customers and the electronic trade. Thus if my profile interests you, if you have questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact me, I am at your disposal.

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